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  • A Christmas Miracle Returns

    A Christmas Miracle Returns

    It’s December which means only one thing. All the closeted Christmas lovers who’ve been listen to Christmas music in the shadows for the past month can finally let their hair down and turn the volume up! It’s Christmas in Montreal and with that brings the return of an annual favourite, Miracle Montreal. Miracle is more…

  • Spectacular New Dim Sum Bar In Old Montreal

    Spectacular New Dim Sum Bar In Old Montreal

    No matter where you go in Montreal there’s always a new watering hole ready to quench your thirst for a fabulous night out on the town. Jiao, a new Asian-inspired bar and dim sum restaurants in Old Montreal, is just such a place. Featuring a swanky, high-end décor, cocktails served out of tea kettles and…

  • You’re The VJ At This Bar In The Village

    You’re The VJ At This Bar In The Village

    The future is now. Imagine you’re in a bar surrounded by large screens playing music videos. Now imagine that you are in control of what’s played on those screens. Deep in the heart of the Village exists District Video Lounge, a bar and restaurant that features this imaginative concept.  It’s an idea that turns an…

  • 4 Fab Cocktails To Wet Your Lips At Nacarat

    4 Fab Cocktails To Wet Your Lips At Nacarat

    No one could have predicted how cool the new bar and restaurant of the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel were going to be. The stylish decor of Nacarat and Rosélys speaks for itself (if you haven’t experienced it yet, catch up with my full article here) while the poised crowd are dressed to impress any day…

  • Le Blossom Bar

    Le Blossom Bar

    Restaurant openings may not be very representative of an establishments every day grind but they sure are exciting events on their own. Being among the first to experience a new space, taste the new cocktails and try the food is thrilling to say the least. When a chef, a restauranteur and a designer come together…

  • Gokudo


    The sounds of Montreal echo the loudest on the hidden streets that are tucked away behind the sky scrapers and towers of our city’s busier thoroughfares. On Cathcart Street, just south of Ste-Catherine, the cacophony of high heels hitting the sidewalk, the laughter and chatter of groups going from one place to the next and…

  • Le Perché

    Le Perché

    The William Gray hotel in Old Montreal is an architectural marvel. While respecting the old world look of the surrounding neighbourhood, the hotel has pushed the boundaries of what it means to be a hotel in 2017. As much a gathering place for locals as it is an eye catching destination for visitors to our…

  • La Voûte

    La Voûte

    Nightlife lovers have yet another address to add to their arsenal. La Voûte is the latest nightclub to open in Old Montreal and no expense was spared in turning the massive bank vault into a state-of-the-art nightlife hotspot. At a special media preview we experienced La Voûte first hand and from the decent into the…

  • Invasion Cocktail 2017

    Invasion Cocktail 2017

    Starting Wednesday, May 10th and running until May 16th, Montreal will be shaken and stirred during the 4th edition of Invasion Cocktail! Presented by #madewithlove, this year’s Invasion Cocktail competition will take place in over 35 bars across Montreal and Quebec and over 250 fabulous cocktails will mixed and poured by Quebec’s finest bartenders. This…

  • Henden


    After conquering the fried chicken world by opening Bird Bar on Notre-Dame west less that 3 months ago, Kimberly Lallouz has set her sights on becoming the Queen of cocktails in Griffintown. Last week some of Montreal’s movers and shakers of the city’s media and social scene gathered for the VIP opening of Henden, a…

  • Le MTL Resto + Bar

    Le MTL Resto + Bar

    In order for a restaurant or a bar to survive Montreal’s busy scene it needs to stand out. Investments in top notch decor, the best food and most importantly great people are key to making an establishment a success. MTL Resto and Bar recently opened on the Plateau, the city’s most densely packed neighbourhood, and…

  • The Secret Door

    The Secret Door

    Although its name kind of gives itself away, Le Speakeasy on McGill Street in Old Montreal is a pretty cool place to grab a drink. Fronted by a sandwich shop, once you pass the right door, you’re transported into vast room with so many visual cues that it will take more than one visit to…

  • Terrasse Sur L’Auberge

    Terrasse Sur L’Auberge

    The opening of the Terrasse sur l’Auberge has become a bit of a tradition here at DJNL. For the last 4 years we have made our way up to the beautiful rooftop terrasse of the Auberge du Vieux-Port for the annual opening party.  The elegant terrasse is beautifully designed and serves up a wonderful selection…

  • An Urban Garden Party

    An Urban Garden Party

    Montreal’s Fitzroy is many different things. It’s a wildly decorated pool hall hangout, an awesome bar with great cocktails and a restaurant that serves up pretty fantastic food. It’s obvious that I liked the place (which surprised me a little) but you will need to see this it for yourself. Read on.  Fitzroy is perfectly…

  • Tea And Cocktails

    Tea And Cocktails

    Montreal is a city on the move. Every week there’s a plethora of new hotspots opening in one or more of our city’s many cool neighbourhoods. Its often hard to keep but Montrealers never shy away from getting out on the town to prowl the streets in search of the next big thing. Mayfair is…

  • Staying Over The Top

    Staying Over The Top

    With an oft-ridden mechanical bull, a bevy of dancing beauties and large screens to captive both amateur and seasoned sports fans alike, it makes no wonder that Chez Serge is still a major draw after 8 years in business.  To celebrate their 8th anniversary, Chez Serge invited some of Montreal’s bravest media to experience the…

  • Food Truck Thursdays

    Food Truck Thursdays

    Ever since opening their doors, Mme Lee has been a strong draw in downtown Montreal. Located perfectly on Ontario between St-Laurent and St-Denis, the spectacularly designed bar boasts a fun menu, a great signature cocktail list and non-stop weekend parties featuring an in-house DJ. They also happen to be a great place for a weekday…

  • A DJNL First Look

    A DJNL First Look

    Mont Royal Avenue is the centre of everything cool on the Plateau. Over the past few years the scene on the Plateau has weakened, as St. Henri and Griffintown have become the flavour du jour for our city’s hip new openings and cool new spaces. Though activity on the Plateau may have slowed down, the…

  • Lady of the Night

    Lady of the Night

    Late in 2014, Mimi la nuit, the latest project from Edward Zaki and Jeff Stinco (pictured below), opened on St. Paul in the space once occupied by Le Piano Rouge (the space goes all the way back to 1893 when it was known as the Catholic Sailors Club, a haven for sailors stopping over in…

  • Friendly Spirits

    Friendly Spirits

    With a successful Spirithouse running the show in Toronto, the next logical step for bar owner and cocktail lover, Len Fragomeni, was to tap into one of the liveliest cocktail scenes in Canada. Late in November, Spirithouse opened its doors in Old Montreal. During the opening, we sat with the owner and got a taste…

  • Lorbeer


    The passing of the much lamented Laurier BBQ has lead the way for the opening of two fantastic new establishments in the buzzy Mile-End/Outremont neighbourhood that will exist symbiotically, Lorbeer Brassierie and Laurea, a new restaurant from the creative minds of Jeff Stinco and Co. Lorbeer appears to be just what the doctor ordered for…

  • Midway


    On paper, Midway is still the same bar it was in 1927 but the story behind the bar’s revival is as colourful as the history that this St. Laurent staple has witnessed for almost 100 years. Montreal has seen its share of ups and downs since then and from the windows of the bar, Montrealers…

  • Rufus Rockhead

    Rufus Rockhead

    Jeff Stinco does it again!Jeff Stinco does it again!

  • Mme Lee

    Mme Lee

    The new address on Ontario East!The new address on Ontario East!

  • La Champagnerie

    La Champagnerie

    Popping Bottles Like No Other!Popping Bottles Like No Other!

  • Sparrow


    Flock to the the Main for this bar!Flock to the the Main for this bar!

  • Furco


    Great Bar, Awesome Location!Great Bar, Awesome Location!



    A great spot for unexpected fun!A great spot for unexpected fun!

  • Big in Japan

    Big in Japan

    Go through the red door…Go through the red door…

  • The Plateau Lounge

    The Plateau Lounge

    Escape Into a Nightlife Unlike Any Other!Escape Into a Nightlife Unlike Any Other!

  • Philémon Bar

    Philémon Bar

    Perfect for an afterwork 5à7!Perfect for an afterwork 5à7!

  • La Drinkerie

    La Drinkerie

    Potent cocktails and a lively crowd!Potent cocktails and a lively crowd!

  • La Distillerie

    La Distillerie

    With three locations, there’s no shortage of litre hurricanes in Montreal! Some of the best cocktails I’ve ever tasted in litre mason jars (and that makes it ok!!)With three locations, there’s no shortage of litre hurricanes in Montreal! Some of the best cocktails I’ve ever tasted in litre mason jars (and that makes it ok!!)

  • Le Plan B

    Le Plan B

    With Plan B, there’s no backup required for good times!With Plan B, there’s no backup required for good times!

  • Baldwin Barmacie

    Baldwin Barmacie

    The best perscription for a fantastic night out!

  • le Pullman – Winebar

    le Pullman – Winebar

    All about atmosphere and wine!All about atmosphere and wine!