Staying Over The Top

With an oft-ridden mechanical bull, a bevy of dancing beauties and large screens to captive both amateur and seasoned sports fans alike, it makes no wonder that Chez Serge is still a major draw after 8 years in business. 

1allVehP0ZIkUBJn1AQGy4tXnfM_mhxPnCOSFe1tq8kTo celebrate their 8th anniversary, Chez Serge invited some of Montreal’s bravest media to experience the mechanical bull and to present us with a freshened food and cocktail menu and an ever so slightly updated look. This all coincided with the first Canadiens game of the season which made the night that much better. At its core, Chez Serge is as authentic a Texan sports-bar that you’ll will find in Montreal and with a few surprises it’s also one of the best.

wHmdgiL87w1IEx3oRl6imkxVPB3MD_EQcmUHLV958mcG2dPg4gJFI-FyjuXBz4j81q9g0c6IEn8fQt46IHi-Q0For almost a decade, Montrealers have been flocking in droves to the bar for sporting events of all kinds. Though it doesn’t take a game night to have a wild night out at Chez Serge, game nights are made a little more fabulous with colder-than cold icy beer on tap at the bar while half time and period breaks are the perfect moment to catch the hotter-than-hot bar staff dancing on their bar. If you’re one of the three people in the city that haven’t been to Chez Serge yet and you can’t imagine this happening, pinch yourself because its real and as for the dancers, if you’ve seen Coyote Ugly, you’ll get the picture.

OiRbLf7QggVzhnXV3wTuQzy3AnqJBo7Puur-I5UffKsWhile the dancers are lighting the bar ablaze with their honky tonk dance moves, the back of the bar is where its at for those looking to exert a little physical activity. The mechanical bull at Chez Serge is a one-of-a-kind in Montreal (unless there’s another one I haven’t seen yet) and though he looks tamed, unassuming and friendly, staying on his back is not as easy as it looks. Flicking people off in all directions, its tough for some to remain on his back for more than a few seconds (I can boast that I stayed on for a total of 24 seconds a few years ago and had a great time!) but people still line up anyway. Some people even get back in line to ride the bull several times during the night.

_x_kkvKdXr1SfZ3l2w2atMbTbQsbGcuusgjOKmRrOuQ7C0S1oJzrdBw0eLqV0Qh0JlH0MCKNG6hBR3yHIs4_t8FeIXWdOzF27nseAfOiKjg0XlLfMYDe6L_6nbQ1oX0CAChez Serge might not be the most wholesome bar in Montreal (who in their right mind is looking for a wholesome bar anyway?) but it’s certainly is one of the most uniquely eventful and fun places to grab a few drinks and have a bite to eat.

Image credit: Imagine Media Inc


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