The Plateau Lounge

Nestled inside the beautiful W hotel in Montreal’s vibrant International quarter are two very different experiences waiting to happen. From the minute the glass doors of the grand entrance to the hotel glide open and you step inside the luxurious lobby, you know you’re in for a good time.

The energy is striking and you don’t want to hold back and like Alice, it’s further down the rabbit hole you want to go. Suddenly you hear music and you’re drawn further in and just upstairs an oasis has been waiting; the Plateau Lounge. The lounge basks in the glow of warm light as ambient music fills the space. Overlooking an exquisite view of the hotel lobby, the vibe is chill yet vibrant as people from far and wide mix and mingle with the locals, creating one of a kind evenings that can only happen in places like this. The lounge is surrounded by wood and glass but it’s the bar itself, glowing softly, that anchors the atmosphere and sets the mood.

The mixologists at Plateau Lounge are passionate about what they do. They question you, get to know you a little and then blow you away with delicious cocktails that seem like they were invented just for you. Over the years I have gotten acquainted with their ever evolving drink menu (and I get to sample some that are not yet on the menu!) and as far as trends go, Plateau lounge is one of the best, setting more trends than it follows. A highlight of the menu is the Hope Cocktail where a dollar from each one sold is donated to breast cancer research. Not too shabby!

As the evening rolls on, Wunderbar starts to rev up and so does the action. Wunderbar is located at street level and from the minute you enter, you never know what the night will bring (since what happens at Wunderbar, stays there, my own lips are sealed on my stories; there are a few). The energy in the bar is electric and colorful, an experience you have to be part of to believe. The crowd is there to have a good time and there’s no stopping the kaleidoscope of energy that compels you to be part of it. The space is beautiful with mirrored ceilings, waves of changing colors along the walls, comfortable tables and a VIP area to be reckoned with. It is, however, the beautiful bar that resembles a massive ice block, which has been lit from the inside, which really stands out and creates an interesting space all on its own. This is what modern clubbing should always look like.

As the night continues the music pumps and washes over the mass of people who seem to blend together in blissful happiness. Strangers meet and quickly become friendly as they dance the night away. The bar staff are quick on their feet, having as much fun as the rest of us while pouring up some of the freshest cocktails I have ever tasted. Wunderbar knows what we want, and it’s not afraid to deliver.

The W has set the bar very high when it comes to entertainment. I believe that each night in the city has a story waiting to happen and the Plateau Lounge and Wunderbar are the perfect settings for many stories yet to be written.

TIP: Wednesday night is a great night out at the W! You won’t be disappointed!







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