The passing of the much lamented Laurier BBQ has lead the way for the opening of two fantastic new establishments in the buzzy Mile-End/Outremont neighbourhood that will exist symbiotically, Lorbeer Brassierie and Laurea, a new restaurant from the creative minds of Jeff Stinco and Co. Lorbeer 2Lorbeer 4Lorbeer appears to be just what the doctor ordered for the Mile-End crowd (and the rest of us) looking for a little different and requiring the taste of something new. Lorbeer 5Lorbeer 7The space has been updated and revamped, taking away the plush booths and white washed urban country vibe and in its place creating a modern art deco atmosphere with straight, angular lines and trendy copper piping that draw out of the walls and end in little flickering candles. There’s plenty of space to slide into a table and enjoy a snack and a fresh, colourfully named pint (translated the pints are called “this one here” and “that one there” amongst others). Lorbeer 6Lorbeer 9The pub style food is wonderful (try the chili cheese fries – amazing and guaranteed to stay on the menu after my conversation with Jeff!!) and the brew comes from local brewers, West Shefford brewery. The staff is friendly, fun and engaging.They are just crazy enough to be the perfect partners in crime in a great night out with your friends.


Photo Credit: David Major-Lapierre 







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