Terrasse Sur L’Auberge

The opening of the Terrasse sur l’Auberge has become a bit of a tradition here at DJNL. For the last 4 years we have made our way up to the beautiful rooftop terrasse of the Auberge du Vieux-Port for the annual opening party. 

IMG_5341IMG_5779IMG_4932IMG_5797The elegant terrasse is beautifully designed and serves up a wonderful selection of delicious cocktails, bubbly champagne, draft beer and more. They also offered a freshen menu of canapés and quick bites to enjoy while sipping on your favourite 5a7 beverage.

IMG_4980IMG_5541IMG_5228Terrasse sur l’Auberge is a great place to gather to enjoy a sun-drenched weekend cocktail, a summer 5a7 and its also one of the best places in the city to take in the annual fireworks festival (beginning Saturday, July 2). With an excellent view of the Jacques-Cartier bridge, you’ll see each vivid explosion light up the night sky without any obstruction.

IMG_4902IMG_5232IMG_5709For more information on the Terrasse sur l’Auberge, visit their website here. If you still need convincing that the Terrasse is the place to be this summer, here are 9 reasons to motivate you.

Image credit: Steve Walsh


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