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Montreal is a city on the move. Every week there’s a plethora of new hotspots opening in one or more of our city’s many cool neighbourhoods. Its often hard to keep but Montrealers never shy away from getting out on the town to prowl the streets in search of the next big thing. Mayfair is a relatively new cocktail bar on the Plateau and it has high ambitions of becoming your favourite new neighbourhood bar and spiked tea room. 

Mayfair 1Although Montrealers now spend their time eating and drinking in Little Burgundy, Griffintown and Mile-end, the Plateau continues to be one of Montreal’s most diverse and busy neighbourhoods. The area around the corner of St-Denis and Rachel remains one of the busiest with local shops, restaurants and bars continuing to thrive in the area. Mayfair recently opened in the space that once housed Sofa Lounge (and was followed directly afterwards by Chesterfield). Mayfair prides itself on creating fresh cocktails for people who like to start their night off a little slow with a little spiked tea 5a7 before amping the night up with a cocktail or two.

Mayfair 2Mayfair is the first truly unique bar that I’ve seen take over the space on Rachel. They gutted the place out completely and reimagined it as a 1930’s speakeasy. With a slight feminine flair, Mayfair has a lot going for it from a design perspective. They’ve gone against the grain by going in a completely different direction than most bars who wish to be sleek and modern. Soft mysterious lighting, Victorian wallpaper, covered lamps, polished wood and a checkered floor create a tightly designed decor that make you feel curious about what’s next to come. Towards the back of the bar you’ll find a sequestered area with comfy chairs and pillows.

Mayfair 7The cocktails from the cocktail menu are inventive and quite good. Mixed from fresh ingredients,they are not your typical 3 ingredient cocktail. the most impressive (and must-try) cocktails include the King Richard (Wiser’s Deluxe Whiskey, sherry, Kusmi gyokuro tea, fresh lemon, apple syrup and ginger ale) and the Duke of York (El Tinieblo Mezcal, Pimm’s, cucumber infused water, Kusmi Traktir tea, fresh lemon, soda and Angostura). Many of the elements, including the bar’s name, decor and cocktail inspiration are derived from the opulent London neighbour from which the bar borrows its name and the era in which high tea and high society went hand in hand.

Mayfair 5Offering a small food menu to nibble on while you drink as well and knowledgeable and friendly service, Mayfair is a great place to kick off a night out on the town with your friends or maybe end one with someone new. For more information on Mayfair, visit their website here.

Image credit: David Major-Lapierre 






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