Mme Lee

Just east of St. Laurent, in the space that once gathered crowds at the Jello Bar, we now find Mme Lee. The simple named (named for the owner of the building) bar has been completely renovated and is now one of the most beautiful hotspots in the city. The space has been beautifully reimagined with a cutting edge design that starts at the door (the entrance is sublime) and continues throughout the bar.

The skillful use of space, shape and natural materials such as wood and glass gives the space an ultimately comfortable yet stylish and modern place to hangout while enjoying their delicious tapas and perfectly blended drinks. MME1The crowd is mixed and the size of the crowd varies, depending on when you go. There are quieter nights but (thankfully) forget quiet on the weekends. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are packed with people, creating a pretty dynamic atmosphere. I’ve rarely seen the young professional types rub elbows with the “too cool for cool” hipsters (who still manage to seem to both love and hate that they are in the place to see and be seen!) in such an easy way.   Métro: St. Denis







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