You’re The VJ At This Bar In The Village

The future is now. Imagine you’re in a bar surrounded by large screens playing music videos. Now imagine that you are in control of what’s played on those screens. Deep in the heart of the Village exists District Video Lounge, a bar and restaurant that features this imaginative concept.  It’s an idea that turns an entire restaurant into your personal, visual jukebox.

pd4_9142At District Video Lounge’s first anniversary, a gaggle of media and influencers gathered in the restaurant and on it’s terrasse to celebrate the milestone. I was curious about the concept and even more curious about the food. Although a party with hundreds of people is hardly the best way to experience a restaurant’s true form, it did give us a taste of what they offer.

pd4_8978pd4_9058The food is excellent. While guzzling one Aperol spritz (the summer cocktail du jour) after the next, we were served delicious pizzas, chorizo, mac-n-cheese and much more. The menu is a smorgasbord of styles including tacos, poké bowls, tartares and burgers. You can take a look at the full menu here. I will have to go back to get a better look at some of the food but from what I tasted, I wasn’t disappointed.

pd4_9271As gimmicky as the concept sounds, I think it’s actually a lot of fun. Getting together with friends and reliving your favorite music video moments while enjoying drinks and food is a great way to spend the evening. How often do gatherings at home turn into YouTube viewing parties? At District Video Lounge, you can embrace that from the jump!

You can learn more about District Video Lounge here.

Image credit: Patrick Desrochers


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