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  • This Hidden Oasis Is Closer Than You Think

    This Hidden Oasis Is Closer Than You Think

    There are days that call for absolute relaxation. As much as I like to think I lead a relatively balanced life (like sleeping enough, eating well enough etc.), the truth of the matter is, when it comes to pampering, I don’t do hardly enough. We all deserve to take a little time out of our…

  • Spa Le Tsar

    Spa Le Tsar

    Starting January 20th the Tsar Spa returns for its 8th edition. What is Tsar Spa you might ask? It’s only one of the most relaxing, immersive and multi sensory massage experiences you will ever have. For three days only (January 20-22) you can enjoy a deeply calming massage inside the vaulted structure of the St.…

  • Self Serve

    Self Serve

    There’s a lot to be said about getting away from it all. Taking a break from our busy lives to catch our breath and find our centre is essential in finding the balance we need. Leaving on vacation is an excellent way to detach but when we don’t have the time to get out of…