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There’s a lot to be said about getting away from it all. Taking a break from our busy lives to catch our breath and find our centre is essential in finding the balance we need. Leaving on vacation is an excellent way to detach but when we don’t have the time to get out of the city, a day spent pampering ourselves at the spa is a mini vacation all to itself. We tested the waters at Montreal’s fabulous Spa Scandinave last week and here are our thoughts that hopefully will inspire you to take a little time for yourself.

SPA-8Spa Scandinave in Old Montreal offers a serene landscape of pure relaxation. The beautifully designed spa located on de la Commune Street filters out the noise of the city, replacing it with sounds of flowing water and ambient music, letting in nothing but natural light. The use of natural elements like wood and stone create a calming and open space that allow us to breath freely and clear our thoughts.

Spa-bains hydrojetsThe spa offers a complete range of hot and cold baths, a Nordic shower, a eucalyptus bath, a dry sauna, massage services and rooms to relax and even take a nap. The hot and cold bath is a little daunting (the cold part – the warm bath with its racing hydrojets is absolutely perfect) the first time you try it but it feels great when you step out of the frigid water after 10 seconds and you feel your body tingling and your blood flowing.

SPA-50A reason for a repeat visit to Spa Scandinave would have to be the eucalyptus bath. There’s something about breathing in the heavy, eucalyptus soaked air that feels purifying. It’s an immediate detox that cleanses the body, giving you the impression that you’re sweating out those evil toxins with every breath you take. A quick rinse in the Nordic shower resets everything again and a few minutes in the crackling dry sauna continues to do good work for your body and your mind.

SPA-40In a city like Montreal where we race morning, noon and night to get our work done, see our friends, get our kids fed, pay our bills and accomplish a million other things, it’s hard to find balance. Taking a couple of hours every now and then to relax at Spa Scandinave will help put everything in place and prepare you to take on the world all over again.

To learn more about Spa Scandinave and their 4 locations (2 in Quebec, 1 in British Columbia and 1 Ontario) visit their website here and be sure to follow all our adventures on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat @dajobnightlife.

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