Spa Le Tsar

Starting January 20th the Tsar Spa returns for its 8th edition. What is Tsar Spa you might ask? It’s only one of the most relaxing, immersive and multi sensory massage experiences you will ever have. For three days only (January 20-22) you can enjoy a deeply calming massage inside the vaulted structure of the St. Brigide of Kildare Church on Alexandre de Sève.

unspecified-1For the 8th edition of the popular pop-up spa experience clients will enjoy a stimulating concert-massage that lasts two and half hours. Beginning with a 30 minute aperitif followed by an amazing 90 minute massage and ending with a cocktail dinatoire, the theme for this edition is built around the opulent influences of Russia. During the massage an orchestra of 10 instruments combine to create a cacophony of original live music stemming from jazz fusion, lounge and classical music.

unspecifiedI had the pleasure of experiencing this first hand last spring and it was an immensely centring experience. The hollowed church with its vaulted ceilings and rich spirit was inviting while the music reverberates beautifully in the building. January is a perfect month for cleansing the indulgences of December and starting the New Year fresh and clean.  For only $200.00 per person this is a perfect gift to give yourself after spoiling everyone else during the holidays.

The Details:

Dates: January 20-22nd

Times: 10:00am, 1:00pm, 4:00pm, 7:00pm

Place: L’église Sainte- Brigide de Kildare, 1155 rue Alexandre de Sève, Montreal, H2L 2T8

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