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    It’s very, very rare for me to go to Hachoir and not have my usual Big Mec (or at least the Classic) burger, a delicious salad (that ginger vinaigrette is unreal) and of course the piping hot fries. This meal is one of my favourites in the city but every now and then I have…

  • The Big Cheese

    The Big Cheese

    Science has proven that a good cheeseburger is the best food you can put in your mouth. Ever. Years of study and endless hours of testing and retesting have determined that cheeseburgers are indeed much more than meat, toppings, condiments and buns; they are little bites of heaven and moments of pure joy. In the…

  • The BRUNCH List

    The BRUNCH List

    A city with a nightlife like we have here in Montreal needs bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants to keep the party going all night long. We eat, we drink, we sing and dance our way late into the night and sometimes even early into the morning. How many of us have gotten out of an…