A city with a nightlife like we have here in Montreal needs bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants to keep the party going all night long. We eat, we drink, we sing and dance our way late into the night and sometimes even early into the morning. How many of us have gotten out of an Uber or walked home as the sun’s rays pierced through the darkness? A city with a nightlife like Montreal’s also needs a few great brunch places where we can meet late in the morning or early in the afternoon to discuss that crazy night before. 

We’ve gathered the best brunches in the city so you can gather with your friends to relive those OMG moments without having to sift through the internet while getting ready hit the town all over again. Here’s our top five picks from the brunches we’ve covered so far, all in one easy article. Scroll though and click the links to read the full reviews.

Restaurant Hachoir

Brunch-Hachoir-18Hachoir is one of our favourite restaurants in Montreal. Its one of the places we go back to time and again for tartare, burgers and fantastic cocktails. When they launched their brunch last year, we couldn’t have been happier. For amazing French toast, eggs benedict and even an awesome breakfast burger, we highly recommend Hachoir. Read our full review here.


unspecified-51The new kid on the block, Êat has quickly become the place to see and be seen in Montreal. They recently kicked off their brunches which feature everything from omelettes to octopus, mimosas and more. The waitstaff push around white trollies full of brunch favourites and surprises. Take a look at our full review here. For the rock and roll crowd who like a live DJ spinning your brunch soundtrack and art that practically jumps off the walls, Êat is a sure bet.


unspecified-13Soubois has been a hit in our city ever since it opened. Known for great parties, an inventive decor and even for reinventing the supper club, the restaurant brings us back from the party with their recently launched brunch menu that’s been cooked up by chef Guillaume Daly. The food is excellent and we highly recommend the steak and eggs or the Labrador tea pancakes. Take a look at our full review to see more.

Le Richmond

Richmond-Brunch-16Le Richmond is one of the city’s most popular brunch destinations. Drawing crowds from all across Montreal to Griffintown for great food, excellent (and very lively) music and amazing themes, this restaurant pulls out all the stops when it comes to entertaining its guests. Adjacent to the le Richmond is le Marché where you pick and chose from all sorts of wonderful foods if you chose to take out instead. We love le Richmond and can’t wait to go back for more. To read our brunch reviews and reviews of le Marché, click here.


12417601_767602130013240_1418939672030399616_nMa’tine is the only brunch place on our list that we haven’t yet reviewed but we feel it deserves mentioning. The decor is simple, the space is brightly lit with natural sunlight pouring in from large windows (perfect for Instagram lovers). The food is some of the best brunch food I have ever tasted. If you are looking for bacon and eggs, this is not for you. Using molecular cuisine, fresh baked pastries and an excellent wine list, Ma’tine (located on de Maisonneuve near Alexandre de sève) will blow your mind and leave you wanting to come back for more. Check out their Facebook page for all the details.

Check back often as we continue to explore our city for more great brunch places!

Image credit: David Major Lapierre (Hachoir, Le Richmond)






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