The Big Cheese

Science has proven that a good cheeseburger is the best food you can put in your mouth. Ever. Years of study and endless hours of testing and retesting have determined that cheeseburgers are indeed much more than meat, toppings, condiments and buns; they are little bites of heaven and moments of pure joy. In the name of science, I have completed two years of research to bring you DJNL’s Top Cheeseburgers in Montreal in 2016. They are in no particular order but they are all worth trying. Read on. 

The Cheeseburger/Double Cheese from Chez Tousignant 

IMG_3335Opening the foil wrapper of a Chez Tousignant cheeseburger is a little like falling in love for the first time. The excitement as you sit staring at your tray as the scent of grilling meat fills the air can’t prepare you for how excellent this burger really is. The grilled meat sits between two delicious potato buns and is topped with simple ingredients like cheese (obviously), iceberg lettuce, tomato, pickle and a special Tousignant sauce. This is easily one of my favourite new burgers.

Le Cheeseburger Mont-Royal from Le Sieur d’Iberbville.

12809646_564554503711836_477287568097611751_nNo, I am not secretly the owner of Le Sieur (as some of you have mentioned – I’ve featured this place quite a bit) but I do enjoy coming to bother Mike and his team on a regular basis. It’s their own fault really, if the Mount-Royal burger (among other dishes) wasn’t so friggin good I wouldn’t keep coming back. Le Mont-Royal is an exceptional burger. Topped with raw cheddar, tomato lettuce and pickles, the focus is on the freshly ground beef that they use in their burgers. If you’re lucky, you may even stop by when they’ve got a little prime rib thrown in their for extra flavour. 2490, Mount-Royal east, 514-525-4448 Image courtesy Le Sieur Facebook

The “On The Go” Burger  from Rosewood

IMG_2421For some reason the “On The Go” burger from Rosewood is listed in their side dishes where it should be front and centre. Even though Rosewood has been open for a while now, I only recently tried the burger and to my surprise it was not just good, it was excellent. It’s topped with house smoked American cheddar, caramelized onions, hot sauce, pickle, tomato and lettuce. Because this is listed as a side dish, the price is beyond reasonable as well. You should go before they read this and shuffle it into the main dishes!

Le Big Mec from Hachoir 

10405368_837407256294921_5477956638615096523_nI couldn’t do a burger list without including one of my favourite places in Montreal, Restaurant Hachoir. Truth be told, my love affair with Hachoir began with their “ le classique” burger years ago. Topped with bacon, aged cheddar, mayo and fresh cucumber it quickly took the top spot in my heart but as it often happens with romance, something new came along, it caught my eye with its fancy foil wrapper and I left the classic behind. My new love is Le Big Mec burger which is stacked with two freshly ground beef patties, Big Mec sauce, cheddar, onions and dill pickles. Despite all the delicious food this restaurant serves, I can’t pull up a chair to the bar and not order this but its a good problem to have. Image courtesy Hachoir Facebook.

Ok, so maybe science wasn’t behind this article after all and maybe it was just my tastebuds but in the end these five burgers should be at the top of your list. In the meantime will happily continue my research for the next great burgers in Montreal and beyond. After all, in a city like ours, the next great cheeseburger is just around the corner.

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