One Year Later At Bord’Elle

When Bord’Elle opened last year it had us rethinking what a nightclub could be. Reaching into the decadently sordid past of speakeasies, gentlemen’s clubs and high end performance venues of the 1920s and 30s, they reinvented the concept for a more modern, luxury loving hedonist.

edyaophoto-6476One year later, Bord’Elle is going strong and late last December, Montreal’s media and bloggeratti were invited to a special, spectacular dinner celebrating the venue’s milestone anniversary. For the occasion, Masterchef winner, Dino Luciano was invited to come hang out north of the border and wow us with a dish created specially for Bord’Elle’s birthday.

edyaophoto-6451As you can imagine, cocktails, bubbly and wine all flowed freely as we arrived and mingled before taking to our seats. After a brief speech from the venue’s owners we were serenaded by Dino Luciano, a introduction to the entertainer/chef that I wasn’t expecting but enjoyed nonetheless. A swear-laden speech followed the song where the American chef praised Canada and Montreal and our values as a nation. His schtick was endearing if heavy on the cheese. The Brooklyn-accented chef was all show during his brief time with us and as he disappeared into the cavernous kitchen to prepare his dish, the real show started. Several amazing burlesque dancers and acrobats titillated our senses as they twisted their bodies and twirled above us and the central bar. These women were awe inducing and deserved the massive applause they received.

edyaophoto-6748Another massive applause due to Bord’Elle is for their skilled service and well above average food. We were served a 5 course meal that exceeded my expectations and had me walking away more impressed than I had ever expected. Executive Chef Andrew Bajjani and his team in the kitchen prepared a feast that included succulent meats, seafood, oysters and more.  The tepid vegan dish served by the big American star ended up being the only part of the night that left me a little underwhelmed. The kitchen at Bord’Elle stands strongly on its own and doesn’t need special guest stars for their food to get attention. A night out for dinner at Bord’Elle is definitely something to consider when you’re looking for something just outside the box.

solohawk-tomohawk4-1Maybe a big name chef can get curious people in the seats but it’s the quality of the food prepared by the staff, the glorious surroundings and the gravity defying acrobatics that will keep them coming back again and again.





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