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  • Spectacular, Spectacular! Bord’Elle Keeps Getting Better

    Spectacular, Spectacular! Bord’Elle Keeps Getting Better

    I recently attended the Casino Royale themed, second anniversary media dinner at Bord’Elle, one of Old Montreal’s best venues for people watching, shocking burlesque shows, fab dinners and excellent cocktails. From top to bottom, Bord’Elle has maintained its place over the last two years as an attraction like no other in the city. The food…

  • One Year Later At Bord’Elle

    One Year Later At Bord’Elle

    When Bord’Elle opened last year it had us rethinking what a nightclub could be. Reaching into the decadently sordid past of speakeasies, gentlemen’s clubs and high end performance venues of the 1920s and 30s, they reinvented the concept for a more modern, luxury loving hedonist. One year later, Bord’Elle is going strong and late last…

  • Inside The Nightlife 12.4

    Inside The Nightlife 12.4

    As the Holidays approach it gets tough to keep a calendar open! Last week’s biggest events included two restaurant openings, one gigantic bar opening and ended with a quiet Saturday brunch. Let’s get into it. Bird Bar Fried chicken and champagne. Those words are enough to get me out of the house and into a…