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For over 15 years Jessica Harnois has been an expert sommelier. When it comes to wine, she knows her stuff and has spent years as a buyer of prestige wines for the SAQ. She’s also an accomplished host, columnist and writer and she is the president of Vins au féminin. It has been her goal to make wine more accessible to those who may be intimidated by the jargon and the culture surrounding our favourite pass-time, drinking wine. 

unspecified-3At a magnificent launch last week, Jessica introduced us to Bù, her new collection of wines that are available in the both the SAQ and grocery stores across the province. The stigma attached to grocery store wine in Quebec has reached an almost mythical level in Montreal. No one in their right mind would be seen picking up wine with their Worcestershire sauce and those who do get judged heavily for it.

unspecified-1unspecified-2There are those (including myself) who walk past the wine isle in grocery stores and act like it doesn’t even exist. Up to now we haven’t had an quality option to choose from in grocery stores but Bù has changed that. The wines are really good. Considering the price point (under $15 per bottle) the quality is superior to a lot of wine I’ve tried at the SAQ. I’ve purchased some since the event. Having them in the grocery store is quite convenient.

unspecified-4Bù is available in three different Italian blends, one white and two red. There’s the Splendido, a chardonnay and fiano blend that strikes a perfect balance between dry and fruity. The Bù Vivere is %100 Sangiovese and my personal favourite. It has a lightly spiced, fruity flavour with hints of strawberry and cassis. Easily enjoyed as an aperitif or with a meal. Finally, there’s Glissando, a red wine from a blend of merlot and Nero d’Avola and has a more robust flavour.

Bù wines all available in grocery stores across Quebec while the reds are also available in the SAQ. Learn more here.





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