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  • Three Wines That Pair Perfectly With Staying In This Autumn

    Three Wines That Pair Perfectly With Staying In This Autumn

    We’re finally in the thick of autumn. While the temperatures outside are falling faster than the leaves on the now almost barren trees, this, the coziest season by far, doesn’t lack warmth. It’s the perfect time of year to gather at home with friends and family for meals of comfort food paired with our favourite…

  • Red or White? Uhm, Chardonnay.

    Red or White? Uhm, Chardonnay.

    There was a time when I would have been apprehensive about going into a restaurant like Seasalt & Ceviche, a seafood lovers dream with a great view of Old Montreal. I wouldn’t haven’t had much choice because I wouldn’t eat any of the seafood and fish on the menu. Times have changed and so have…

  • Add More Merry With These 5 Wines This Christmas

    Add More Merry With These 5 Wines This Christmas

    Let’s face it, this is just the beginning of the busiest time of the year. Getting everything done before the big day arrives means having a plan and sticking to it. Wine shopping for Holidays can get a little complicated given the vast choice before us. We’ve put together a list of two reds, two…

  • Hachoir


    It’s very, very rare for me to go to Hachoir and not have my usual Big Mec (or at least the Classic) burger, a delicious salad (that ginger vinaigrette is unreal) and of course the piping hot fries. This meal is one of my favourites in the city but every now and then I have…

  • Bù Wines

    Bù Wines

    For over 15 years Jessica Harnois has been an expert sommelier. When it comes to wine, she knows her stuff and has spent years as a buyer of prestige wines for the SAQ. She’s also an accomplished host, columnist and writer and she is the president of Vins au féminin. It has been her goal…

  • A World Of Wine

    A World Of Wine

    We are very excited to finally present you with an exclusive look at M. Mme, Montreal’s coolest new wine bar and restaurant. From the brilliant minds of Chef Stelio Perombelon (Les Chèvres, Les Cons Servants, Sinclair) and Hovig Kalanjian (Toi & Moi Café), M. Mme is an immersive experience into the delicious world of wine,…

  • Great Company

    Great Company

    Montreal is full of wonderful surprises and for someone like myself who loves to go out and find cool new places to eat and drink, it is such a pleasure to be surprised by a restaurant I had wrongly judged. A couple of years ago I went to Rosalie for the first time. Having ignorantly…

  • A Warm Welcome

    A Warm Welcome

    In Montreal’s east end, just past the Plateau and beyond the railroad tracks that divide the city, is the up and coming Shop Angus neighbourhood. A mecca of new business mixed with a multitude of new residential development, the relatively new Rosemont neighbourhood is expanding at a breakneck pace. With the arrival new people and…

  • Sip Back And Relax

    Sip Back And Relax

    Since the beginning of time (for this website) I have been asked all sorts of questions concerning restaurants, bars, hotels and events in Montreal and beyond. Perhaps the most recurring of these questions is “Where is the best bring-your-own-wine place in Montreal?”. Well, at long last I have combed through the streets of the city…

  • That’s Amore

    That’s Amore

    When it comes to food, there’s nothing better than a perfect pairing. Classics like champagne and oysters, beers, burgers and fries and of course pizza and wine remind us that on their own foods like this can be great, but when paired up with their beverage soulmates, they are unstoppable. When it comes to pizza…

  • La Paryse

    La Paryse

    For 32 years, Paryse Taillefer and her family of employees have been severing one of the best hamburgers in Montreal to her very loyal customers. Her restaurant, La Paryse has almost a cult following here in the city but as with all good things, so to must La Paryse come to an end.