Tsukuyomi Ramen

Nothing warms us up in winter like a piping hot bowl of soup or stew. Seeing the vapour lift off a savoury bowl of herb-infused broth, fresh vegetables, homemade noodles and tender meats is enough to shake off the deepest cold that a Montreal winter can throw at us.  There’s no end to the selection of restaurants offering delicious soups in Montreal, especially those of the Asian variety. This past summer Tsukuyomi, the first ramen bar of it’s kind in the area, opened on Saint-Laurent and the place has been packed ever since.

tsukuyomi-ramen-noodles-asian-nouilles-montreal-plateau-mont-royal-6tsukuyomi-ramen-noodles-asian-nouilles-montreal-plateau-mont-royal-2tsukuyomi-ramen-noodles-asian-nouilles-montreal-plateau-mont-royal-1Montreal has a soft spot for Asian restaurants and because they flourish so well here, we are treated to the best ingredients and the artisanal techniques that can only honed by generations of passing recipes down through family lines. At Tsukuyomi they hand make the noddles that are served in homemade broth that takes hours to infuse. With different choices of meats to add a little protein to the dish, the ramen served is nothing short of delicious. With a few side dishes like spicy edamme, steamed rice and octopus salad, there are options for every taste. I love that the menu is focused on offering a few simple choices instead of trying to be everything to anyone who enters. If you’re coming to Tsukuyomi, you’re coming for ramen and nothing else. It’s wonderful.

tsukuyomi-ramen-noodles-asian-nouilles-montreal-plateau-mont-royal-4tsukuyomi-ramen-noodles-asian-nouilles-montreal-plateau-mont-royal-5The restaurant itself is a simple yet elegant eating space that is as good for social butterflies gathering to chat while eating as it is for the solitary diner looking for a little peace over lunch. It’s perfectly pleasant, the staff are friendly and welcoming and the overall experience is as filling as it is satisfying.

For more, visit their website here.

Image credit: David Major-Lapierre





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