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We recently attended the media opening of Ozeu & O’Boeuf, a special 2-in-1 restaurant that has taken up shop in St-Henri. Part breakfast place, part burger joint, the concept is gimmicky, offering two different atmosphere depending on when you visit the restaurant. 

6C41b5URq-qNmCXtz2b5NSsR_U9BNO92-1yMDt-t_ok8tFd80izBl-UwVTxDWPLb4gyBt1OXx5SKK38hFd_0mYOzeu is open from from early morning until about 3pm where breakfast, brunch and lunch are served. Ozeu has been in operation for quite some time but this new location takes their concept past eggs and bacon. Wanting to create a cozy, family friendly environment, Ozeu offers free meals for children while the adults enjoy their crepes, eggs Benedict and more. The breakfast menu remains relatively unchanged from day to day but the lunch menu will vary during the week.

qA69HjGwCpRtjQb7gy5s8TvZ_D1ODHNLZrjvNdvCjDAStarting at 5pm, the space transforms into O’Boeuf Burgers et Cie. At night O’Boeuf offers an inventive selection of amazing burgers (I tried 6 of them, I would know) and side dishes like fries, poutine, salad and mac and cheese. Their classic burger sits on a brioche bun with an enormous beef patty, cheese, lettuce and sauce. They have a wild looking fried chicken burger and instead of a bun, the chicken sits between two waffles. This might actually be one of my favourite things. Ever. O’Boeuf has a cool cocktail menu, a wine list and beer on tap to go perfectly with your burger.

7MMj5rMRq3jsZ4kZwxlh3WAs72W0_5oYnkMQPgFYsnMMost nights of the week at the restaurant are themed with Monday being poutine night. You can get yourself a burger accompanied by a poutine and a cocktail for $22, on Tuesday you can choose to enjoy the chef’s special. Wednesday is ladies night and with the purchase of two meals, the fairer sex can enjoy a bottle of wine or two cocktails on the house.

QjiprBI37QTf2m-FZHOcbbr48NmdidwrS3CtEYp9J_QThe first order of business for a restaurant should be to offer their patrons good food. Though I haven’t tried their breakfast, I can attest to the fact that their burgers and cocktails are out-of-this-world good. They are good enough to make the trek to St-Henri and try over and over again (the restaurant is a stones throw from Metro Place St-Henri).

qH7oqz1vcn9H0-qZ78eCMYUJlrRMxfkkrEPNmBHwRzYEven though Ozeu & O’Boeuf are being sold as a 2 in 1, in reality they are one restaurant with slightly different decors in the morning and at night. The bones of the decor are very strong with a gorgeous brick wall painted white, wooden tables, a cozy bar at the back and plenty of light coming in from the windows facing Notre-Dame. The atmosphere is both warm and welcoming all day long. Going through the trouble of redressing the space every day seems a little redundant to me when they could combine the best of both decors and concentrate on serving their fantastic food.

SCBL7OkNU8jsAZjl8yazh_NTnGhjLiX5ElS499-6Q-0Ozeu & O’Boeuf is a wonderfully down-to-Earth addition to St-Henri’s constantly evolving restaurant scene. It will not be the subtle Clark Kent/Superman (same person folks!) style transformation that will get people in the seats but their inventive take on food that will keep people coming back for more.

Image credit: SPVG Photo 

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