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  • La Grotte

    La Grotte

    There are a number of restaurants on the Plateau that I haven’t yet had the chance to try but that’s about to change. I’ve made it my mission (now that I live in the hood) to try as many as I possibly can while still running from one end of this city to the other…

  • La Belle et la Boeuf

    La Belle et la Boeuf

    There’s nothing better than a great night out in Montreal and whether you’re at your favourite bar, pub or club, you know that nothing tops a great night like a good poutine or a burger. We’re blessed to have some of the best late night snacking food in the country and La Belle et La…

  • Hachoir


    It’s very, very rare for me to go to Hachoir and not have my usual Big Mec (or at least the Classic) burger, a delicious salad (that ginger vinaigrette is unreal) and of course the piping hot fries. This meal is one of my favourites in the city but every now and then I have…

  • Vladimir Poutine

    Vladimir Poutine

    Remember a couple of weeks ago when the sun was shining and the weather was warm? Even though the warm weather isn’t trending as much as Montrealers would like, we did take full advantage of being outside for as long as we could. I chose to spend my evening watching the sun’s rays descend over…

  • Jerry Ferrer

    Jerry Ferrer

    A year ago last week, the very first Chez Jerry (recently renamed Jerry Ferrer) opened on Beaver Hall, just a short walk south of Rene-Levesque. Famous for restaurants like Europea, Jerome Ferrer has made quite the name for himself in Montreal. Over the last year Jerry Ferrer has expanded into half a dozen casse-croute (diner)…

  • Fahrenheit 155 Is Closed

    Fahrenheit 155 Is Closed

    As far as burger places go in Montreal, we have our fair share. Ranging from fast food to haute gamme, there’s something for everyone who loves their meat between two buns. Fahrenheit 155 is the latest restaurant in the city to feature their take on burgers and we’ve already stopped by twice to check it…

  • Night and Day

    Night and Day

    We recently attended the media opening of Ozeu & O’Boeuf, a special 2-in-1 restaurant that has taken up shop in St-Henri. Part breakfast place, part burger joint, the concept is gimmicky, offering two different atmosphere depending on when you visit the restaurant.  Ozeu is open from from early morning until about 3pm where breakfast, brunch…

  • Burger Week 2015

    Burger Week 2015

    There is absolutely nothing better in this world than a great burger and when you have a whole week dedicated to the juiciest, tastiest and most delicious burgers across the city, there’s only one thing to do; chow down. From September 1st to the 7th, you can try out the best burgers in our city…

  • La Paryse

    La Paryse

    For 32 years, Paryse Taillefer and her family of employees have been severing one of the best hamburgers in Montreal to her very loyal customers. Her restaurant, La Paryse has almost a cult following here in the city but as with all good things, so to must La Paryse come to an end.