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There can be so much ground to cover during food festivals like Montreal à table that it can get overwhelming. Every year I make a list of the all the places I’d like to try (and this year there was 175 to choose from) and although I manage to make the most of the time I have during each festival, there are always a few that end up being pushed off the list. This year I did something different. Instead of piling up a hundred restaurants I chose three or four and I managed to get to them all. You’ve been following each of my stops and I’ve saved the best for last. I went to Monsieur B with my partner (he’s been trying to get me to go to the restaurant for four years) and it was a wonderful experience.

monsieur-b-apportez-votre-vin-byob-montreal-plateau-mont-royal-1The menu at Monsieur B for Montreal à table wasn’t complicated – a few great choices over three courses was all we needed to enjoy ourselves. Monsieur B is the perfect sized restaurant, not too big nor too small and the crowd set a wonderful tone the night we went. The place was packed, you couldn’t hear the music with all the chatter which was wonderful. There were several moments during the meal where I stopped and let the sounds of the restaurant wash over me. This is why I love to be out as much as I do. I couldn’t live with restaurant noise. It’s music to my ears.

monsieur-b-apportez-votre-vin-byob-montreal-plateau-mont-royal-2The food we were served was perfectly yet quickly prepared (the plate presentation wasn’t as attended to as I usually see around town which was my only critic when it comes to the food). David started with the turbot accras which were sourced from the Gaspé penninsula while I went for the salmon tartare which was prepared with a spicy mayonnaise and served with a fennel and arugula salad. Both dishes we uncomplicated yet fresh and flavourful.

monsieur-b-apportez-votre-vin-byob-montreal-plateau-mont-royal-3Our main courses consisted of a cod dish for me and porcelet nuggets for David. I’ve been becoming more and more brave with seafood and for me this was my ultimate test. The crusted cod was served creamed chorizo and smoked almonds and it was one of the most impressive fish dishes I’ve ever tried in the city. The porcelet nuggets were fried to a dark golden colour, the batter was crisp and inside the pork was blended with a smoked cheese, basil, olives and served with a homemade ketchup.

For dessert I chose the rich chocolate mousse while David went with their vanilla panna cotta. Both ended our meal wonderfully.

I’m already looking forward to getting back to Monsieur B to try their regular menu. This was a wonderful initiation to a fantastic restaurant. 

PS. It’s a bring your own wine!

Image credit: David Major-Lapierre





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