La Belle et la Boeuf

There’s nothing better than a great night out in Montreal and whether you’re at your favourite bar, pub or club, you know that nothing tops a great night like a good poutine or a burger. We’re blessed to have some of the best late night snacking food in the country and La Belle et La Boeuf cuts the cravings like few places can.

la-belle-et-la-boeuf-montreal-sainte-catherine-1Despite my love for great junk food (junk here is used with love, believe me) I’ve never visited the downtown B&B location until a couple of weeks ago. A group of us were invited to come try the food while enjoying playing chicken on the terrasse with the darkening rain clouds that hovered menacingly above our heads. It was lovely to be outside. The terrasse is great for people watching.

la-belle-et-la-boeuf-montreal-sainte-catherine-2la-belle-et-la-boeuf-montreal-sainte-catherine-3We ordered some gigantic mason jar cocktails and wine while we looked over the menu. There’s a staggering choice of burgers, mac & cheese, poutine, onion rings and more on the menu so we had no problem filling the table with our choices. Take it from me, if you find yourself out and about in Montreal’s downtown sector late at night and you’re craving a poutine you should definitely give B&B a shot. It’s one of the best poutines I’ve ever eaten. The gravy is delicious and if you’re craving something a little deeper, the Italian poutine could be the perfect answer!

la-belle-et-la-boeuf-montreal-sainte-catherine-6la-belle-et-la-boeuf-montreal-sainte-catherine-5There are several locations around the city and off island as well. Start with the onion rings and a glass of wine or one of the potent cocktails. Continue with a mac & cheese or a poutine and you’ll walk away happy. I’d leave a little room for dessert too. They have gooey s’mores and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and ice cream that you can’t say no to. I tried and failed.

For more on La Belle et La Boeuf, check out their website!

Image credit: David Major-Lapierre





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