Jerry Ferrer

A year ago last week, the very first Chez Jerry (recently renamed Jerry Ferrer) opened on Beaver Hall, just a short walk south of Rene-Levesque. Famous for restaurants like Europea, Jerome Ferrer has made quite the name for himself in Montreal. Over the last year Jerry Ferrer has expanded into half a dozen casse-croute (diner) restaurants in the Greater Montreal Area and now also features its very own food truck. A few bloggers and media friends gathered last week to celebrate the one year anniversary of the restaurant and to test out the new menu. Here’s what we saw. 

IMG_9505 2Ferrer was beaming with pride as we trickled into his restaurant for the special event. We sipped on wine as we mingled before heading to our seats. We got down to business right away and ordered our meals. We chose from a selection of burgers and poutines that were new to the menu. Since the opening of the restaurant last year, a few things have changed. Now, you can either order your meal at the counter or have someone come serve you at your table. The menu has expanded to include more of what they do best. The selection of both burgers and poutine (and many other items as well) is vast but mostly rooted in the classics, but, with a Jerry Ferrer twist. You can see the whole menu here.

IMG_9503The meal began with a selection of appetizers including a delicious clam chowder in a bread bowl, perfectly friend calamari rings and homemade gherkins. Everything that they serve is made in house, right down to the special sauces they use in the food. I ordered the chicken burger which not only features two pieces of amazing fried chicken, but it also has a spicy coleslaw and fresh toppings. For those who like spicy, the homemade barbecue sauce is astoundingly good. Personally I did find that the sauce overpowered the taste of the chicken (I ate one of the pieces on its own and I swear, it was some of the best I’ve ever had). The next time I visit I will ask for it to be prepared a little differently but everyone should try it the way it is intended, at least once.

IMG_9508I love the Jerry Ferrer concept. It’s not fast food, its soul food. The ingredients and care that goes into creating and serving this food are as carefully selected and as well thought as with Jerome’s high-end restaurant. The food is accessible, affordable and will leave you thankful there’s a local chain of restaurants that offer an alternative to grabbing a quick bite. While the menu at each Jerry Ferrer location has a similar base, each location also offers something al little different so each experience at each restaurant is never the same. With hockey season looming, Jerry Ferrer will be a great place to come and watch the game!

Visit their website (in French only) for more details!






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