A New Wine and Coffee Spot Is Open

Late last year, Bazarette opened it doors to cocktail, wine and coffee lovers lovers alike. Owned, in part, by the same group that owns the Montreal Canadiens, Bazarette aims to offer an alternative to the gaggle of “American” sports-centric bars in the area. 

Perfectly positioned near the Bell Centre and Lucien L’Allier train and metro stations, Bazarette operates a daytime cafe from 7:00am until about 3:30pm allowing patrons to drop in for a coffee and a snack on their way to work. From the end of coffee service until well into the wee hours of the morning, the trendy looking hotspot offers crafted cocktails, an extensive organic wine list and a small menu of to-be-share food items that are unsurprisingly good. 

If you’re looking for a great glass of wine and food that’s benchmarked on the higher end of the scale for an after work 5a7, before (or after) a match or a show, Bazarette might be perfect place for you.





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