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  • A New Wine and Coffee Spot Is Open

    A New Wine and Coffee Spot Is Open

    Late last year, Bazarette opened it doors to cocktail, wine and coffee lovers lovers alike. Owned, in part, by the same group that owns the Montreal Canadiens, Bazarette aims to offer an alternative to the gaggle of “American” sports-centric bars in the area.  Perfectly positioned near the Bell Centre and Lucien L’Allier train and metro…

  • Dolcetto & Co.

    Dolcetto & Co.

    I’ve walked past Dolcetto & Co. in Old Montreal a thousand times or more and almost every time the restaurant’s marine inspired decor has caught my eye. Anchors, buoys and life preservers are not things I would normally associate with an Italian restaurant but upon finally getting a chance to try their food last week,…

  • A World Of Wine

    A World Of Wine

    We are very excited to finally present you with an exclusive look at M. Mme, Montreal’s coolest new wine bar and restaurant. From the brilliant minds of Chef Stelio Perombelon (Les Chèvres, Les Cons Servants, Sinclair) and Hovig Kalanjian (Toi & Moi Café), M. Mme is an immersive experience into the delicious world of wine,…