5 Killer Dishes Guaranteed To Level Up Your Brunch Game

I’m not going to beat around the bush – brunch at SuWu is excellent. Know this as you read on.

Normally St. Laurent Boulevard is the last place I think about being on Sunday morning. After all the partying and clubbing drums to a close, the street itself looks a little hungover as the sun comes up and last remnants of the night before retreat to recover. Luckily, the best cure for a hangover (or general hunger all around) is a great brunch. SuWu has been killing it since they opened. The food has always been a grade above what you might expect from a place that has more of a bar vibe but the attention to detail speaks for itself.

img_3948I went for brunch at SuWu for the first time last week and its comforting to know that the quality of the food hasn’t diminished – in fact, I feel that they’ve gotten even better with time. Their brunch menu gets straight to the point, focusing on several really good plates (yes, we tried most of them) that team up perfectly with a mimosa or two. We kicked things off with warm, sugar-dusted donuts and a warm, slightly sweet english dipping cream. You might thing that donuts should be saved for the end of the meal but this is brunch and we will do what we want. They were very satisfying.

img_3956From the donuts we headed into breakfast sandwich territory. This is something I am glad restaurants have started taking a hit at. While they began as fast food breakfast staples, breakfast sandwiches have been popping up on menus all over the city. SuWu elevates it’s own English muffin sandwich with fresh sausage, piping hot egg and melted cheese. They are accompanied by warm parmesan covered potatoes that are good enough to hog a little of the spotlight on their own.

img_3953For our next service we were served an avocado toast that was packed with fresh tomato, guacamole and cilantro, all on a lightly toast piece of delicious bread. It’s perfect if you’re out for food and you’re not terribly hungry. The toast was followed by a Mexican inspired dish served sizzling in a personal sized iron skillet. Starting with a crisp tortilla, the dish is piled up with pulled pork, black beans, fried egg, diced tomatoes and cilantro. It might not have been a dish I would have gravitated towards on my own but I am glad it was served. It was bursting with flavour.

img_3963d6faf9f8-f4aa-4cbb-a485-a5a46e47d6cdWe were beginning to get full here but we were in no way finished. They had saved the best main course for last; fried chicken and waffles. If you’ve read anything else on this blog, you’ll know that I am obsessed with fried chicken. SuWu didn’t disappoint here either. The fried chicken was perfectly balanced with a crispy coating and juicy chicken on the inside. It was covered in a hot, homemade gravy and sat atop a dollop of garlic infused mashed potatoes and a crisp homemade waffle that brought just a touch of sweetness to the savoury dish. Some would say that this is definitely a dinner dish but fried chicken for breakfast is something that I am very ok with.

img_3965We ended the meal with a delightful dessert consisting of a warm lemon cake topped with fruit, ice cream and crumble. The waiters, who handled our table perfectly, laughed along with us as we begged them not to bring out anything else from the kitchen. Going back to SuWu was a wonderful experience and its nice to have them back on my radar. If you’re looking to brunch this weekend or next, you should definitely check them out. With the warm weather coming, the windows will be open and you’ll be in a great place to watch Montreal bloom for spring.





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