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It’s the perfect time of year to stay in and cook for our friends and family. Cocooning by a roaring fire while the scent of food baking in the oven wafts from the kitchen, through our home and into our warming hearts is sometimes made a little easier when the cooking is done for us. Aliments -40 recently celebrated their first anniversary at their boutique on Laurier near St-Laurent. We were invited to visit the boutique and see (and taste) for ourselves some of the wonderful food they prepare fresh and freeze on the spot.

unspecified-10unspecified-4The Aliments -40 concept is quite simple. A number of dishes, such as their succulent duck a l’orange, their rich boeuf bourguignon and creamy mac & cheese are all made in house and kept chilled in freezers lining the store. You can come into the store and purchase as many as you need to keep your guests happy and hunger-free. With the holidays quickly approaching, Aliments -40 is the perfect way to help cut down on the stress of cooking an entire meal. Simply pop your food (including appetizers, entrees and desserts) into the oven and take the time to enjoy your the company of your guests.

unspecified-5unspecified-7Aliments -40 chic little boutique also features a section of fine foods such as handmade pastas, jams, spices and herbs that make great gifts for food lovers. They also feature exotically scented candles, dishes, glassware and other items that make perfect gifts. The store also hosts a selection of Joane L’heureux chocolates which are all handmade and packaged in Montreal’s Rosemont neighbourhood.

unspecified-9There’s no better time to start thinking about your Christmas feasts and New Year’s Eve parties and there’s no better place to help you out with the food than Aliment -40.

For more information, visit their website here.

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