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  • Aliments -40

    Aliments -40

    It’s the perfect time of year to stay in and cook for our friends and family. Cocooning by a roaring fire while the scent of food baking in the oven wafts from the kitchen, through our home and into our warming hearts is sometimes made a little easier when the cooking is done for us.…

  • Pizza On The Plateau

    Pizza On The Plateau

    Though you can find just about everything on the Plateau, a good pizza place was the one thing that eluded Mount Royal Avenue. With Pronto arriving on the scene a few months ago, that’s all changed now and for the better. Pronto isn’t just a pizza place though. To limit it to one thing would…

  • To Market, To Market

    To Market, To Market

    It’s no secret that we love Le Richmond. We have been raving about this outstanding restaurant since it opened a few short years ago (Click here, here and here to read more!). Located in Griffintown, the restaurant has made quite a name for itself as a must try in Montreal. In a city like Montreal,…