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  • You’re The VJ At This Bar In The Village

    You’re The VJ At This Bar In The Village

    The future is now. Imagine you’re in a bar surrounded by large screens playing music videos. Now imagine that you are in control of what’s played on those screens. Deep in the heart of the Village exists District Video Lounge, a bar and restaurant that features this imaginative concept.  It’s an idea that turns an…

  • Kamehameha


    We’ve all heard the saying “the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time”. The same philosophy can be applied to the transformation underway in Montreal’s Gay Village. With each cool new business that moves into the neighbourhood, people are returning to eat, drink, shop and party the night away. Kamehameha,…

  • Le Saloon

    Le Saloon

    25 years ago I was a 14 year old boy living in a fishing village in Newfoundland and dreaming about life in the big city. That same year le Saloon opened in Montreal’s Gay Village. It was a very different time in Montreal. In 25 years a lot has changed in our city’s gay community…