Main And Local

The thing about Montreal is that whether you were born here, you moved here or just spend a weekend from time to time, there’s something special about our city that sticks with you. Montreal is creative, it’s vibrant and it moves to the beat of something different for those who love it. I started DJNL in 2009 because I wanted to showcase the best our city has to offer. The best restaurants and bars, the coolest neighbourhoods and Montreal’s most unique businesses and shops make up the bulk of what you come here to read about every day. A couple of years ago, a couple of guys started Main and Local, a Montreal-based company that designs, manufactures and distributes pretty amazing souvenirs that, as you will see below, definitely don’t suck. 

unspecified-7unspecified-16unspecified-1Over the last couple of years I’ve collected quite a few pieces from Main and Local for people who’ve come and gone from Montreal. While some of these souvenirs, like pillows featuring our iconic landmarks, hunger inducing poutine socks and awesome detour coasters have made it to their intended destination, many of them stay with me because I can’t part with them.

unspecified-15unspecifiedBecause I am such a fan of Main and Local, I have partnered with them to bring you direct access to the latest and greatest merchandise that the company has been hard at work producing. Through DJNL and our social media network we will be featuring some of our favourite items that we think you will love. All you have to do is click the link we provide and you’ll be whisked away to Main and Local where you can get your very own transit ticket inspired merchandise, retro T-shirts and much more.

unspecified-14unspecified-5Click here to head straight to Main and Local to start your own collection that you may or may not want to give away! They make great gifts whether you still call 514 home or you wish you were still here.






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