Streetwear continues to dominate all walks of fashion and style and Atelier New Regime is a thriving example of knowing when to throw your stylish snapback in the ring. Atelier New Regime is a Montreal based streetwear brand with a menswear influence and is redefining the customer experience through the superb quality of their product, their innovative packaging and approach to presentation and brand lifestyle.

New Regime5013-LDAtelier New Regime isn’t your typical fashion brand. Established in 2009, they have evolved into an artistic movement made up of likeminded, creative individuals with a strong desire to express themselves through innovative fashion.

At their events, Atelier New Regime promotes creativity and encourages individuals to use the talents and accumulated experience they possess to explore the far reaches of their own creativity. An inclusive “do it yourself” approach has garnered ANR a strong following, making the brand more relatable to their supporters, a lifestyle approach that can easily be appreciated.

New Regime5223-LDAt a cooler-than-cool launch last fall, ANR transformed a neighbourhood laundromat on the Plateau into a pop-up shop of epic proportions. Keeping the location secret until just before the pop-up shop opened drove interest and excitement for the event sky high. Over 300 people attended the launch making it their most successful to date.

New Regime5458-LDTheir unique approach to marketing themselves has to lead to some of the most creative campaigns this city has seen in recent history. In April of last year their “I Am New Regime” campaign seamlessly blended fashion and and art while their presence at major events such as Formula 1 and the Mural festival keeps Montreal’s most fashionable tongues wagging.

Check out their website to learn more about the brand and be sure to check for them around Montreal and the world. Some of music’s biggest names like Drake, Usher, B.O.B. and many more covet Atelier New Regime’s designs.

It’s about time you did too.


All photos featured in this article are from their Spring-Summer 2015 collection







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