Bowvember 2015

Even though the biggest Bowvember events are still a couple of months away, late last month this year’s Bowvember bowtie design was unveiled at a special ceremony, right here in Montreal.

tg5XFeay3tV9TfCM53pCteE4PpdHQ4NkL54BngaqmYo,-o6NJwN7wgd55FhY8-CJBWHf77QrZ2uJ6bGRQqa2_uk,pOr4pj--KSpbPxqz7TIHe3eudgs4PFpEyqMXWbhmiDY,B2YVXDJBYiCySdY8h7Z4-PUmkvZxRP-VT7sv0D2cHos,JXx80a9AianYju0PN3m0-CtusjL2_lhAjJXaMJPM7CI,wqsgjDLh2d7DCbfqnAqWl8eZf6tSPECo-designed by father-daughter team, Penelope and Winston McQuade along side local designer Luko Marion, this year’s bowtie is a black, white and grey tartan, a trendy yet classic satin design. The designer calls it “a beautiful evolution from last year’s design”. Winston McQuade, a survivor of prostate cancer, and his daughter are both very excited to be part of this year’s campaign as they hope to raise money and awareness for the disease that will affects almost 5000 men across Quebec each year.

2ZWuDqvFgV3GbV7WwO4IohyIYhC4vi7HPE07AQj824Q,zeVFSuhCEKMdfFPK1PKV0EPaXtb-bS66lI-LkjoKdW0,GYFlsgdBap6NviiVtEPagktTFHXXyyQbFoolRweP4fg,tNTbYFKPAciijnANpm3BFWZ2FD8WwN4yrZVw0OfXsog,XWfvZrO6w7yLUGMZdKtPlrB-ZAV1syrjD5JNlFf6VIEYou can order your bowtie now and it will be delivered in the fall of 2015, before International Man’s Day (November 19th), a day here in Quebec that now also represents the increasing fight against prostate cancer.

qDeujxV1vMgA640mIDMwE3Y8NuIWD9VCxzKFggi7eHw,FO6mdhh1mOeCcYsJgrMv0la--bsBJzSDc5kC43nzlXMThe Bowvember campaign was created by Procure, an organization dedicated to finding a cure for prostate cancer. Started in 2003, Procure is the only organization of its kind in Quebec, solely dedicated to spreading awareness and raise funds to help fight prostate cancer. Learn more at

This year’s bowtie sells for $35.00 (plus $5 for shipping) and can be purchased here.








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