Birks 135

Early last week Birks kicked off their celebration of the 135th anniversary of Canada’s premier jewelry destination with a VIP cocktail at their Philips Square flagship store. Billed as the beginning of a yearlong anniversary celebration of a true Canadian institution, Birks will be rolling out more fun events as the year progresses.

Birks IDuring they very chic event we sipped on chilled Martini and a cocktail created specially for the event while nibbling and chatting around the glass enclosed counters containing some of Birks most dazzling collections. Having worked at this store during the 125th celebration ten years ago, it felt like a homecoming of sorts as I reconnected with old friends and colleagues throughout the night.

Birks III Birks IIIn celebration of its 135th anniversary, Birks has unveiled their new corporate social responsibility platform that brings focus to their efforts in conserving of the honeybee and bringing awareness to how important they are in the balance of our delicate ecosystem.

Birks IVCoinciding with this new platform, Birks is also rolling out three new bee-inspired fine jewelry collections that have already been getting a lot of buzz. Birks Bee Chic, Birks Bee Sweet and Birks Busy Bee with various designs made of yellow gold, silver, gemstones and diamonds will be introduced by the jeweler in boutiques across Canada. To learn more about the collections visit

Hats off to Birks for remaining a pillar in the Canadian retail landscape and for setting the standard for some of the most amazing wow moments that have touched so many of us over the past 135 years.


Photo Credit: David Major-Lapierre 








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