Wrapped In Mud At A Nordic Spa

I’m a fan of vacations, both big and small. Getting away from it all doesn’t have to mean getting to the airport, getting on a plane and getting out of Dodge. Escaping everyday stress can be a simple and taking a day to head to a spa where you can be pampered from head to toe. A couple of weeks ago I found myself at La Source, a beautiful Nordic spa about an hour outside the city, tucked away at the foot of a wooded mountain in Rawdon, QC.

la-source-53z10ckowThe morning we left to go to La Source, the leaves had just begun to change colour announcing the impending arrival of fall in Montreal. It’s a beautiful time of year to take a drive out of the city to see explosions of vibrant reds, yellows and orange leaves popping like fireworks frozen in time. Soon the land will be covered in a cozy blanket of snow, creating a very different backdrop for the spa.

la-source-4la-source-11Once we arrived we were given a tour of the facilities, which are vast, modern and they are designed to almost disappear into the landscape. The owners of the spa took great care to impact the land as little as possible, a feat they should be proud of. I didn’t know what to expect until I had seen the installations with my own eyes. Photos can hardly do the spa justice. I’ve visited many spas and resorts outside the city and La Source is one of the most well kept and clean that I’ve seen.

la-source-7img_2576After the tour it was time to relax. We spent a little time exploring on our own. While there are some physical buildings housing dry and hot saunas and of course the hot and cold pools, part of the spa is actually located deeper into the woods were hammocks and suspended tents are designed for cuddling up and taking a nap. The running water and rustling leaves are all you hear. Most of the installations are quiet, which is a wonderful change from all the chatter we’re normally surrounded with. We spend some time in the pools before I was off to get my first ever body wrap.

krkrd8kq474ingredientsA body wrap is a full body experience. Involving several steps, you begin by stripping down to nothing but a towel and having ghassoul (Moroccan clay) mixed with pure argan oil spread over almost every surface of your body. You’re then wrapped up in a plastic sheath and covered by a heavy blanket. The clay mixture works to remove toxins and unwanted fats from our bodies. The scent is wonderful and the feeling afterwards was incredible. My skin felt amazing and the hour that it took to complete the treatment allowed for complete relaxation. The next time I return I will be trying the facial designed specifically for men. 

la-source-3img_2567Following the treatment I met up with my friend again and we returned to the main building for a wonderful lunch. While all the other buildings are very modern, this structure looks and feels more like a chalet. It’s warm and welcoming which is wonderful when the temperatures are falling. We ordered salads and smoothies while sitting around in bathrobes, still soaking it all in.

The day we spent at La Source was a lovely experience. The staff were professional and friendly, from the body wrap experience to the service at the bistro. It felt like a mini vacation which sometimes is just what we need. If you wish to get away for a little longer than a day, there are plenty of places to stay near the spa.

la-source-10Go ahead and book a day at La Source. With winter coming (as you can see right above), the experience under the snow is sure to be magical.

Learn more about La Source here. 

Image credit: La Source Spa Nordique





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