As much as I love the feeling of lifting off the tarmac at Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport and having an aircraft whisk me away to a vacation far, far away it’s not always that feasible or affordable. Sometimes a weekend vacation with a few friends can be just the vacation you need. Hopping in your car and driving an hour to see what the cities and towns around Montreal have to offer can be equally as relaxing and do as much to reset our batteries as two weeks away.

Bromont is a picturesque town that sits snuggly surrounded by the ski-lined mountains, splendid forests and sprawling farmland of the Eastern Townships. Offering a plethora of activity and sites to see, a weekend in Bromont is a perfect getaway when the noise of the city becomes a little too much to bare. Here are our recommendations to help you spend a great weekend in Bromont!


Domaine Yamaska

12799083_473892466141319_5071915074766316188_nYou may not have heard of Domaine Yamaska but a stay there will change the way you see chalet living. Located 20 minutes from the main centre of Bromont, Domaine Yamaska is a series of private chalets offering all the comforts of home. With wifi, a full kitchen and bathroom, you’re vacation feels like staying in your very own chalet. Domaine Yamaska is proudly owned and operated by a local family which adds a lot more heart to your vacation than staying in a giant hotel chain.

12717684_466970713500161_6788612742259196240_nimg_1840The chalets are surrounded by windows that let the sun stream in and the views of the trees and land on the property is spectacular. Book your stay now because Domaine Yamaska fills up quickly. New chalets are being built at the moment to keep up with the demand. Staying here is the perfect balance between home and hotel, a great get away for families, groups of friends or even a romantic stay for two. We all fell in love with our chalets putting on top of our list of places to stay again in the future.

For more information, visit the Domaine Yamaska website.


Cafe 1792

14962582_1781984545387694_8927757394645974297_nArriving early in Bromont means taking advantage of the whole day. Starting with a little lunch at Cafe 1792 (the year Bromont was founded) on the town’s main street is a great way to get in a hearty lunch before taking a walk around town to visit all the local shops and artisans. The sunny cafe features fresh homemade soups and sandwiches with breads, desserts and other treats sourced locally. L

Cellier du Roi

16508253_1370960239642959_7184351657058387183_nFor a population the size of Bromont, they certainly have their fare share of great restaurants. Cellier du Roi has a menu that was created exclusively for the restaurant by none other than one of Montreal’s best loved chefs, Jérôme Ferrer. Housed on Royal Bromont, a beautiful golf course, Cellier du Roi lives up to all expectations set by having such a renowned chef prepare a menu. We arrived just in time for a champagne apéro before being escorted to our table.

img_1807From there we were served an amazing selection of world class foods such as salmon gravlax (with caramel sauce, crushed pistachios, orange and light cream), a beautifully presented, hay-steamed Cornish hen breast (with creamy potatoes, bok choi and organic oyster mushrooms), braised veal cheeks (maple roasted squash puree, roasted parsnip and blue foot mushrooms), an delectable lobster pasta with homemade tagliatelle and so much more. The dessert was a devine chocolate mi-cuit that punctuated the meal perfectly.

img_1819As with everything associated with Jérôme Ferrer, presentation defies all expectations and Cellier du roi goes above and beyond to take it to the next level. We were splendidly served all night long with attention to detail like we rarely see anymore. If you have a chance to treat spoil yourself while on a mini vacation, please, take my advice and book your table asap.

SEE and DO

Balnea Spa

16649421_1752364678110728_3686220399102920487_nYou can’t go to Bromont and not spend a little time at one of their many spas. Balnea is by far the most popular spa in the area and once you’ve been, you know why. The spa spills out over a series of beautifully designed buildings that fit perfectly with the nature that surrounds it. Looking over Lac Gale, there are steam rooms, hot and cold whirl pools, a dry sauna built into the ground, a Moroccan themed relaxation room, a small cinema, a beautiful restaurant, a bar and more. It’s easy to spend the day at Balnea, it’s harder to leave. Learn more about the spa here.

Surveillance – Magnified Monitoring

Sure, people flock to ski Bromont’s snow covered trails but this season artist Larose aims to bring something a little extra to ski fanatics. Happening since earlier this year and continuing from March 4th until March 18th, skiers taking to the slopes will be the driving force behind Surveillance, an interactive art installation that tracks you as you slip down the mountain, following your every move. You as a skier becomes part of the art installation!

Larose teamed up with Bromont and Artbox for the installation that is inspired by the fact that everywhere we go, we are followed, whether it be by our phones or by GPS. As intriguing as the concept is, the execution looks a lot more fun that feeling like Big Brother is breathing down our necks. Have a look at the video below.

 The folks behind ski Bromont are constantly looking for ways to excite and innovate. By partnering with Larose, an artist with vast experience in creating thought provoking work in practical environments, the team at Bromont keeps pushing the boundaries further. For more information, visit the Ski Bromont website here.





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