Scarlet Exclusive

The rain came pouring down last Thursday night as Scarlet Exclusive opened its door wide to the public for a VIP sampling of what they have in store. The red carpet was rolled out and Scarlet’s VIP guests for the evening were treated to wine and champagne while platters of smoked salmon and oysters floated around the room.

Scarlet_3It was a black tie affair as the staff stood out in their black bow ties and crisp white shirts, tuxedo jackets and silk gowns. I arrived just before the rain poured down and before people started pouring in and was treated to a private tour of the restaurants many nooks and crannies (including a beautiful Italian coffee machine). Scarlet Exclusive has an unbeatable atmosphere with a beautiful 1930’s inspired décor that calls back a simpler time when Speakeasies and gentlemen’s clubs ruled the nightlife. The décor is masculine with ever so slight feminine touches here and there to give the place warmth. Scarlet is draped in luxury with soft velour booths and chairs and polished wooden tables. They also feature one of the most exquisite courtyard terrasses I’ve ever seen. As the rain subsided throughout the night the terrasse filled up quickly (as the always do in Montreal).

Scar2While speaking to the very proud owners of the new restaurant and bar they told me that they wanted to innovate with the space they’ve expertly transformed.  For them this is a home away from home and comfort and luxury is what they aimed for and made a direct hit.

Scar3We will be dropping back soon for a quiet meal and will bring the results to you but I don’t doubt that Scarlet Exclusive will be a favorite place in the city.  Stay tuned.


Photo Credit: David Major-Lapierre






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