To start, I’m not going to make any references to Pandora’s box in anyway (besides that reference, of course) in this recap. I suspect that tired cliche will be cleverly worked into many an article about Montreal’s newest cabaret. Instead I am going to get right down to business on Pandore and I why I think you should check it out.

Pandore 10Pandore 8High atop the polarizing Quartier des Spectacles building on the corner of St. Laurent and St. Catherine now resides Pandore, a new high concept cabaret that looks over Montreal’s majestic and slowly changing skyline.

This modern cabaret is something quite extraordinary and will feature weekly live musical and dance performances. From time to time the audience will be invited to participate in the performances making Pandore something truly engaging, a 4D experience.

Pandore 7Open from Thursday to Saturday every week, Pandore will be a destination all summer long with Thursday and Friday 5a7, featuring a full kitchen, fantastic cocktails, wine, champagne and more.  Saturday we will gather at the fifth floor cabaret for the weekly live shows.

Pandore 9Pandore is a place unlike anything I’ve seen in Montreal. The malleable décor feels like a throwback to speakeasies from the 1920s and 1930s when cabaret was the pinnacle of the urban nightlife scene. On show night booths and tables shift, change and in some cases disappear altogether to reveal plenty of space for performers to captivate our attention. The waiters and waitresses are also dressed for the occasion with towering heels and tight dresses for the ladies while the guys wear slick ties and micro polka dot print shirts.

During the opening we sipped on champagne, sucked back oysters and enjoyed a taste of what the kitchen has to offer. I like what I’ve seen so far.

Pandore 11Pandore is a great addition to the continuously revamped Quartier des Spectales (building picture above, where all the fun happens, which is the point). Go enjoy a show and have a drink on their terrasse. It’s the best way to enjoy a great view of downtown and take in a dazzling show.


Photo credit: David Major-Lapierre







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