La Coupole

Summer is here folks. Terrasses are popping up around the city like fresh bloomed flowers and signaling the warm season ahead. We were present at the opening of the La Coupole terrasse located in the quietly ornate Le Crystal Hotel.

la-coupole-terrasse-bar2We enjoyed fresh cocktails and local wines while oysters and hors d’oeuvres were passed around to keep our appetites satiated. La Coupole’s terrasse underwent an overhaul for this year’s opening and now features a retractable awning, which means not even a summer downpour will keep us off their terrasse.

Coup1Located in the heart of our bustling downtown core, Le Crystal and La Coupole have been destinations for a high-end stay and dining experience in the city. Now that the terrasse is open for a season of 5a7 fun, it’s another reason why Montreal is the place to be all summer long.






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