La Champagnerie

Last week we attended the one year anniversary of La Champagnerie on St. Paul East. Of course champagne of all sorts flowed throughout the evening as we devoured beef and salmon tartar, fried shrimp, arancini and oysters.

Champagnerie_1We witnessed the sabering of a 9L magnum of Moët et Chandon (pictured below) while numerous other bottles were scarified for our drinking pleasure. A DJ kept the room spinning throughout the night as the place filled up for the celebration.

Champagnerie_2La Champagnerie is the only bar à sabrage (where we use a sabre to open the champagne by cutting of the head – very French indeed) in Canada and remains a busy hotspot in Montreal. If there’s one thing I can say about La Champagnerie, they know how to throw a hell of a party!

A year already since the opening! Time files when you’re having fun!






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