Grin and Tonic

Montrealers came out in style a few weeks back to celebrate the launch of 1642 Tonic, the latest beverage from the guys behind 1642 Cola. Both are proudly made right here in Montreal (Jeanne Mance, one of Montreal’s founders graces the Tonic’s label) and are proudly distributed far and wide. Named for the year our city was founded, the launch signifies a logical evolution and expansion of the popular brand. 12341414_1503286306632834_5257361955570847618_n12141654_1503286439966154_3525867776585514831_nHeld in the beautiful and highly coveted Entrepôts Dominion near Atwater Market on the Lachine Canal, the 1642 Tonic launch was a resounding success attended by politicians, local celebrities, media and causal visitors alike, all congregating to congratulate Bastien and his team on another job well done.

12346302_1503285953299536_2505143060068331868_n12369239_1503288083299323_8279350692011489225_nBastien Poulain, owner and founder of 1642, spoke humbly before the crowd (after an excellent and rousing MC effort from Eric Prud’Homme), overwhelmed with the outpouring of support he has gotten since launching his first beverage last year. Original from Brittany, he now proudly calls Montreal home.

12342426_1503287216632743_2056168846216584284_nSweet and savoury foods from Europa, Le Pista Cafe Mobile, Le Gras Dur, Sweet Isabelle and more were served during the night while 1642 cola and tonic were blended with Quartz Vodka, Ungava Gin and Chic Choc Spiced Rum to make some amazing cocktails.

12369049_1503287146632750_1911019290655119340_nBottled in the Estrie region of Quebec with water sourced from the Appalachian Mountains, 1642 Tonic has a light spruce flavour and is lightly sweetened with a touch of cane sugar. It adds a wonderful local flavour to all your favorite cocktails.

Congratulations to the whole 1642 team and we are looking forward to see what’s next! To pre-order, visit the 1642 Tonic website here.

Image credit: 1642 Tonic

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