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Over the last few years the Ritz Carlton Grand Prix Party has become as legendary are the hotel itself. Anchored on the edge of the weekend, the Friday night party has become synonymous with over-the-top elegance, opulence and glamour. For the third year in a row we were in attendance and from what I remember, this year was by far the biggest I’ve ever seen. 

Grand Prix VIP At The Ritz

unspecifiedDSC_0219Local celebrities, media and VIP guests arrived in style and gathered in the lobby before heading into the Palm Court where we mingled as the night’s most important party began with a bang. In the Palm Court, the Moët et Chandon flowed freely as guests clamoured for photos, rubbed elbows and people watched from around the room.

unspecified-4Moving into the beautifully decorated Oval Room, we chowed down on bites from several food stations around the room while we kept our buzz going with wine, vodka and a special cocktail bar featuring the guys from Nectar and Mixologie. The party amped up early as the dancing got underway just before an energetic group from Vancouver took to the stage to battle a giant robot that towered over the crowd. No, you didn’t read that wrong. In what was one of the craziest parts of the night, the robot circulated the room as its neon lights glowed one colour after the next. On stage he blasted us with vapour from his gun which really got the crowd moving. The group sang live in front of a custom digital screen and danced for a full hour of fun.

unspecified-5IMG_5510Once the robot was defeated we headed into the Oval Garden were more drinks were poured and a PFAFF McLaren sat, passenger door open over the duck pond. It was a sight to behold (knowing that the car was hoisted by crane over the Ritz and onto its platform only a couple of days before) and many gathered for photo ops in front of the car.

13413545_10153684786785509_5623151722949399869_nWe were there from 8pm until about 2am and we didn’t feel the time pass. From VIP rooms upstairs to the eventful night in the Palm Court, the Oval room and the Oval Garden, the Ritz Carlton once again outdid itself and proved that this was one of the most important parties of the Grand Prix and certainly a reason why fear of missing out exists.

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