Gin De Neige

Last week Montreal’s media gathered with a gaggle of VIP guests at the beautifully renovated Casino de Montréal for the launch of Gin de Neige, the latest covet-worthy product from La Face Cachée de la Pomme. Have fans from all over the world enjoy their very popular ice wine, this local company is set to win us over again with this particularly delicious gin. 

q70LjomGlVmOlo2FPqhjlb5tsQY9tXA_nxTRTz9qXOgDHs-wi27RqROsY9q5g9mro8uWRKEDskD4v_0K7r9UWcJust after our arrival we were guided through a maze of slot machines to an extravagant photo booth where we enjoyed a photo op with François Pouliot and Stéphanie Beaudoin, the owners of La Face Cachée de la Pomme. Later, while surrounded by hundreds of bottles of Gin de Neige, both owners beamed with pride as they spoke about the latest addition to the Neige family. Made from the water used in the process of making their ice wine, Gin de Neige is derived from Quebec’s coldest winters, making it a one of a kind gin.

MOFLm37VT5dAd1n7XZ3L-v3kGyY7y4d51AbNZ3eYcGA,EzP-M0s5UHlq2t9lXiBt4SlcXsgHyV2LQHeQSXQ7-dw2ihyP0ZbY1TZ6kud5DWt_G92ZOEeTIYZTIaa0P0m1UoGin de Neige is available in SAQs throughout Quebec and will without a doubt be a popular choice for the coming Holiday season. You can learn more about Gin de Neige at company’s website.

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Image credit: Jimmy Hamelin and La Face Cachée de la Pomme





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