Fun In The Sun

The 3rd Annual Lobster Clam Jam was a massive success. I can tell you this because I was in the thick of it (I can prove it – See me in the picture below?). The yearly event gathered a record number of people who formed one line after another in front of a series of white tents, ordering drinks and sampling food from several notable restaurants around the city. This was just the begining of all the fun to be had during the Sunday afternoon charity event with proceeds going to the Starlight Children’s Foundation Quebec.

unnamedunnamed-6unnamed-7It was a sight to behold on the anything but lazy Sunday afternoon as the clouds parted early in the day, releasing the pent up sunshine that had been hiding out for the previous week. With the temperature rising, the crowd swelled as music by DJ Eddie Lewis blasted throughout the grounds at Chateau St. Ambroise. Drinks such as wine, beer and spirited cocktails were poured up at a very busy Bacardi tent powered by Nectar and Mixologie. The brilliant team at Nectar and Mixologie concocted several tasty (and potent) mojitos just for the occasion.

unnamed-14unnamed-8unnamed-10Restaurants like Rosalie (who also hosted the wickedly cool, official after-party), Joverse, Kyo, Mechant Beouf, Pandore, Monkland Taverne, Juicyyy Lab and many more offered a plethora of culinary delights (yes of course plenty of lobster) to keep the hungry crowd satiated.

unnamed-9unnamed-11For those overwhelmed by the crowded food and drink area, a grassy knoll was just a stair climb away where Clam-Jammers sat sipping on cocktails and munching on their favorite foods, all while soaking up the summer sun. It was fun for the whole family!

unnamed-3unnamed-5Lobster Clam Jam was a great way to kick off what is certain to be a busy summer season in Montreal. We are already very excited for next year’s edition!

Photo credit: David Major-Lapierre


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