Fabulous First

It’s already been a year since Labarake opened their doors to the public in Shop Angus. For it’s first anniversary, the beautifully designed restaurant, located inside an refurbished fire station (and protected Montreal landmark), introduced us to their new chef, a few new menu items and of course an amazingly over-the-top anniversary party.

LU5A9550LU5A9540LU5A9722Wine and cocktails were in free flow as guests arrived to a sea of coloured balloons for the restaurant’s anniversary. The vibe was festive as we gathered inside the space and of course also on their sprawling terrasse located adjacent to the building. The terrasse is a wonderful addition and a stylish extension to the restaurant. Not only is Labarake a great place to grab a bite and quench your thirst, it’s an architectural dream come true.

LU5A9784LU5A9575The food started rolling out soon after everyone arrived and they began by presenting us with a selection of favorites that have stood out over the last year. Tuna tataki, fried fish, both salmon and beef tartar set the pace for the first course. Soon after clearing away the dishes from the first setting, a giant platter of food was carried out of the kitchen by 6 people, including Denis Sobolj, one of the owners who was excited to have so many of us there to celebrate his restaurant’s achievement. Salmon with goat cheese, parpadelle and swiss chard, short ribs, burgers, crab cakes and creamy mashed potatoes (my new favorite thing on the menu) are among the menu items that Labarake’s new chef, Joaquim Henni (formerly with Barocco/Bocata and Auberge St-Gabriel) has added to the menu.

LU5A9656LU5A9569Labarke’s first year was a major success and as they slide along into year two with a brand new chef, a few new menu items and of course all the favorites we love, their success is certain to grow to incredible new heights.

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