El Zaziummm

Laurier Street east in Montreal’s very popular Plateau neighbourhood is a quiet oasis where crowds of people stroll to and from the sprawling park, they meander slowly from one shop to the next, buying breads, cheese, clothing and trinkets from the little shops that line the street. Surrounded on all sides by busy thoroughfares like Mont-Royal Avenue, Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Masson Street and just about anywhere in the Mile-End, it’s refreshing to step onto Laurier Street and see things slow down a beat.

img_9260El Zaziummm is one of the many restaurants that you’ll find in the Laurier east micro-neighbourhood. The Mexican restaurant has been a colourful staple on the street for many years and the new owners of the restaurant recently threw a bash celebrating a refreshed look (and their 25th anniversary!!) and a few new menu items. Without removing too much of the restaurants eye-catching and eclectic décor the new owners have tweaked it just enough to make it a little less busy. The décor is still very busy and isn’t for everyone but it works and fits nicely into the Laurier east atmosphere.

img_9265img_9415For the re-launch, the staff were decked out in festive gear, colourful make up and an enthusiasm that you don’t often see from employees at launches like this. They were happy to be there, this was their party and we were invited and encouraged to join them in the fun.

img_9343img_9374For those of you who have had food at El Zaziummm you won’t be surprised when I say that what I tasted was some of the best Mexican food I have ever had in Montreal. The food is inventive (fried cod tacos, homemade guacamole), the flavours are profound (coconut fried shrimp, gazpacho) and the prices are pretty hard to beat. They made excellent cocktails, they have small wine and beer list too for those less inclined to cocktail.

19225954_1059342580866902_4135788325990242559_nA quick weekend or evening stroll along Laurier may just be the perfect way to get off the beaten path this summer and punctuating that stroll with a stop at a restaurant like El Zaziummm add a little something special to your warm summer nights.

For more information, check out their website here.





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