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Last week we were on the scene at the launch of Genevieve Everell’s latest French language cookbook, Tartare à la maison. Filled with delicious and inventive recipes for specialty tartar of all kinds including meat, fish and of course vegetarian. The book also a features a section on wine pairing and a selection of addresses in Montreal where you can find all the best ingredients to make your tartar at home. 

wIiDTCh7vKGKiPqfVOfa18L7OUjl63ToFHtE0MJzvPIThe event was held at the fantastic Midway bar on St. Laurent and brought out Montreal’s epicurious media and fans of Everell’s previous book Sushi à la maison. 

WC6Jkf58QeOI0fvQvNXDrorXd01JJ2ertB3Z5vsaiQQ,cc7VARaU6AbJiSv_xWRLs2RSkCta260GhEZArD8sK80gcQKczWEC-0XXmVmuFZZf88AndStxRgv4QWV5pR_7Ag,ZTTraHaJDiFPVOhi7YmHtJjBXcbVAux-gov8bGE-56UEverell shot to stardom in Quebec having worked as Miss Sushi for Ricardo before going on to star in her own TV show, Sushi à la folie, on the Zeste network. She has a major social-media following across all major mediums and will surely continue her reign as the chef who keeps bringing the raw food movement into your homes.

dRM3pMa2Pl9qoxcu5WCTAPjOoGUqn5d_ei-Lk_rAQEI,hy3IhPxWoXIsP6STYuhYgm5LtrFyyZjoQ1inuMtJc0wTartare à la maison is available now (in French only) in bookstores across Quebec and online.

Image credit: Melissa Viens





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