Désorientation 2016

GRIS Montreal is one of our city’s most important non-profit, youth-centric organizations. Helping demystify homosexuality and bisexuality, GRIS Montreal in spreading awareness while helping to eliminate ignorance and prejudice. For the 3rd consecutive year, Montrealer’s from across the city gathered at the Entrepôts Dominion for the Désorientation party presented by Banque Nationale in support of this worthwhile organization. 

Desorientation 2016-3Desorientation 2016-42DJNL was present at the party which featured food catered by some of the best restaurants (including our favourites, Le Richmond, Station W and L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel) in the city, a large open bar and bubbly, a silent auction and a neighbouring room filled with mouthwatering desserts from Christian Faure.

Desorientation 2016-22Desorientation 2016-44We eased musically into the night with the drifting jazzy sounds of Renée Yoxon and Chad Lindsay before our senses were blasted by the electric sounds of DJ’s DanYUL and the one and only Sandy Duperval. We were simultaneously swooned to the captivating sounds of Rachèle Tremblay and Josh Whelan from the Montreal Opera’s Atelier Lyrique.

Desorientation 2016-38Desorientation 2016-139Desorientation 2016-47The night was a major success with the room packed full of Montreal’s best dressed party people, all out for a great cause. Getting dressed up for a night out at Désorientation was well worth it and blew away our expecations. We can’t wait to do it all again next year.

For more information on the great work done by GRIS Montreal, please visit their website here.





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