Breaking The Chain

Joe Mercuri is one of Montreal’s most talked about chefs. He’s personable, funny and very hands-on in his kitchen. He’s been around the block a few times having headlined at Bronté before opening his own successful restaurant in Old Montreal a few years ago. Building on the success of Mercuri he has now teamed up with the Houston chain of restaurants as their executive chef to shake things up a little. 

HoustonPeel.Interieur2HoustonAvenue.Interieur3The team-up between Joe Mercuri and Houston is a result of the new Peel Street location that recently opened in the space that once housed the infamous Cavalli restaurant. A few vestiges of a time gone by still remain but the space has been largely revamped and modernized to fit a cleaned up Montreal in 2016.

Dax.Blair.MarissaCaroline.BlairMedia, celebrities and other VIP guests came out a few weeks back to celebrate the opening of the restaurant and a lucky few of us gathered in the private dining room upstairs for a special presentation by Joe. He charmed us with a speech before leading into samples of the food he created for the location’s menu. The food was good and I am sure that the people who are fans of Houston restaurants will be pleased.

StickeyChickencrus-tartare-thon-1MiniFiletMignonBurgersWhether you love chain restaurants or hate them, a team-up of this nature means someone somewhere is paying attention. Across the board menus developed for a coast-to-coast audience can’t always cut it which is why Joe Mercuri may just become responsible for breaking the chain.

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