Chuck Hughes

7:30 in the morning might seem like an ungodly hour to some while to others it means a routine arrival at the office. This morning at 7:30am we were on our way to Diesel’s flagship store on de la Montagne for Montreal’s first ever pancake breakfast hosted by Canada’s very own celebrity chef, Chuck Hughes. CH 9A swelling crowd had already gathered when we showed up to the charity event just before 8am. Chuck was busy taking photos with fans as the sweet smell of maple syrup and the aroma of fresh brewed Starbucks coffee wafted through air in front of the store.  The mood was lively as the event kicked off its fundraising event in support of the ONEXONE foundation. Founded in 2005, ONEXONE’s mission is to improve the lives of children in North America and around the world with programs dedicated to five fundamental pillars: water, health, education, play and nutrition. All proceeds from Diesel’s much buzzed about event will support the “Million Meals Movement,” a community-based initiative aimed to alleviate food insecurity in North America. CH 1Chuck Hughes is one of Canada’s most famous exports and has kept very busy with several TV shows including the current hit, “Chuck’s Eat the Street,” which launches its 3rd season on July 10th on the Cooking Channel in the US. He has authored two successful cookbooks, “Garde Manger” and “Chuck’s Day Off” and is co-owner of two of Montreal’s most popular restaurants, Le Garde Manger and Le Bremner. As host of the Pancake Breakfast, Chuck was proud be part of the exciting event and at 8am this morning he was impressed at the turnout. Danny Smiles, chef at Le Bremner was also on hand to help out along with future restaurateur and local celebrity, Jonas. Many others also came out for the worthy cause. CH 4We had a couple of moments with the celebrity chef where he beamed with pride in being part of an event that helps raise money to feed kids and also expresses Montreal’s delicious spirit. Before letting him go the subject of Newfoundland drifted into the conversation and his eyes widened with the knowledge of my origins. As one of Newfoundland’s biggest fans he recently got a tattoo of a seal, representing his love for the place, not surprising considering his love of seafood. CH 10I asked him if he wanted me to bring him back anything during my visit this summer and though I suggested cod tongues and bakeapples he simply replied “caramel logs” before shaking my hand, wishing me a good trip and making me promise to bring them to him at Garde Manger. He then disappeared into the ocean of people who were waiting for their moment with the star. If you would like more information on ONEXONE’s noble efforts simply visit their website and to see Chuck in action simply play him a visit at Garde Manger!   Photo credit: David Major-Lapierre






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